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A QWAFAFEW discussion led by:

Mark C. Szigety




Asset allocation represents a fundamental strategic decision for every institutional investor. Though many asset allocation approaches have been recommended and implemented in various forms, each has its own strengths and weakness. A careful review of current asset allocation frameworks provided motivation to design a hybrid approach that addresses many of these perceived individual shortcomings. Our guiding principle was to use several familiar elements to create a flexible process that incorporates less-quantifiable investment ideas around a rigorous foundation. The result, which we term Flexible Indeterminate Factor-based Asset Allocation (FIFAA), is an adaptive four-step asset allocation synthesis that remains quantitatively and theoretically well grounded. To achieve this goal, FIFAA overlays informed judgment about investment opportunities onto an objectively derived set of core factor exposures.

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: The authors would like to thank the following people for valuable input and feedback: John Campbell, Edwin Cass, Tham Chiew Kit, Martin Leibowitz, Jay Light, Kevin Pan, Edward Qian, Luis Viceira, and Barbara Zvan.





Mark Szigety was previously Senior Vice President of Asset Allocation and Risk Analytics at Harvard Management Company.  During his five years at HMC, Mark was responsible for developing the endowment’s approach to asset allocation and risk modeling, and co-designer of HMC’s new FIFAA asset allocation framework.  A published author on asset allocation and risk topics, Mark holds a doctorate from HBS and degrees in Physics from MIT and Harvard.


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